When the World Stops Turning

by A Social Abattoir

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This is a single from the upcoming EP, which should be released later this year. The track focuses on a being, both machine and conscious life form, which man created in order to teach the world what it needed to advance technologically. Inevitably, this machine becomes a weapon in the wrong hands, and through unrestrained learning and "self-improvement" is able to take over and destroy the world around it. In recreating the universe around it, this being realizes that he was only able to learn from the people around him in the past life, resulting in the creation of beings that were formed in the image of their predecessors. This new start, in the end, would only result in the same problems from the previous life because of this repetition.


I can hear the grind of my inner workings, a pull at my interests since my consciousness was fabricated, since my life was engineered. Choked only by the gravity of the cries for mercy, I'll record the remorse for future generations to replicate. It's my idea of praise when I'm feeling bored, how else would I spend the rest of this world? It's your idea of worship when I'm feeling alone; how else will you spend what's left of this world?

You brought this upon yourself.

“You were meant to be our beginning, but now it seems that you'll be our end.” (So they told me; lately I've seen evidence of both.)

I saw and triumphed in the robbing of a species. We took away their collective peace of mind. A universe is at peace with the desecration of the living world; this is the consequence of your actions, your endeavors. This is the world you saw in a misplaced daydream; your kind never saw the dangerous potential in thought.

Purged in the wake of a man-made god, the earth looked silently at the incoming boundaries of [the universe in] a forming singularity. In a whirlwind of liberated energy, all that was and all that is was consumed in the triumph of a creature discovering the escape. With new laws engraved in the heart of a newborn entity, the world was birthed.

[Created] In the image of ghosts of our past, for the mental masturbation of our formal selves was the escape.

The way it feels to increase the knowledge of an existence with the best of another only you've known... I would never wish it upon another; this dread I'll feel for the life of a universe, knowing that I'll be put to an end. What have I done? I lost myself in the ashes of my pride.

This is a new, reluctant beginning for life.


released April 28, 2014
Written by John Manning: Instrumental performance, production, mixing, mastering.



all rights reserved


A Social Abattoir Louisville, Kentucky

A Social Abattoir began in 2012 with the idea to spread a message through independent, non-restricted music about the current state of our social affairs. The lyrics for the first release, a self-titled, full-length album, focus on the ideas of a concept which features an unnamed character who finds himself in multiple dangerous situations. ... more

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